Range Rules

Rules governing the use of Clark Memorial Range.

-adopted April 2017

Range Safety on the Firing Line

  • Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.
  • Always treat every gun as if it is loaded.
  • Eye and Ear protection should be used at all times during live fire
  • All guns should have an ECI (empty chamber indicator) in the chamber unless actually firing.
  • In the event of a misfire or malfunction call a Cease Fire, everyone is to put down their firearm and step away until the nature of the problem is clear to all. Keep all guns must pointed down range until cleared and made safe.
  • No gun handling of any kind during a "Cease Fire" and all actions shall be open.

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Range Safety Behind the Firing Line

  • No loaded guns are permitted behind the firing line. Conceal Carry Weapons are permitted, this mean they should remain concealed unless “needed”.
  • Adjustments and maintenance should be done on the firing line with the gun pointed downrange and never during a 'Cease Fire'.

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Range Safety Down Range

  • Do not go down range unless a 'Cease Fire' has been called and all shooters on the line have unloaded and put down their firearms. Before resuming any firing, check twice that everyone is back and safe.
  • Do not shoot at metal targets at the 200 yard line when the 'Target Pit' is in use.
  • Cease fire if the red flag is raised at the 'Target Pit'.
  • Shoot into the backstop area only. Align yourself, your target and the backstop so your bullets hit squarely into the backstop.
  • Take special care with height of targets at 100 yards so the bullets do not bounce before reaching the backstop. The center of your target should be 6' above ground level to be safe.
  • DO NOT use target frames from target shed at the 50yd line!
  • DO NOT engage 100yd target from anywhere other than the covered firing line
  • Do not walk out onto the 200 yard range from the shed without making sure the firing line is safe and a cease fire has been declared.

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Rules for 25 and 50 Yard Berms and Gongs

  • Any range allowed firearms may be used to shoot at paper targets in front of the 25 and 50 yard berms but not any of the metal plates at the 25 and 50 yard berms. The metal plates may be shot with .22 rimfire firearms or non-deer hunting legal handguns only.
  • Shoot at the 25 yard berm from the 25 yard bench. Shoot at the 50 yard berm from the 50 yard bench or shooting points #11 or #12 only.

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Use of Full-Auto Weapons or Devices that Mimic Fully Automatic Fire

  • Full-auto and simulated full-auto fire is not allowed anywhere at the Columbus Rifle Club range. If it sounds like full-auto it is considered to be full-auto.

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  • Hang paper targets from the proper target frames with staples or tape. Clean off frames and dispose of used targets after shooting is complete for the day.
  • Do not shoot glass or any object that fragments, shatters or explodes.

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Holster Rules

  • If others are present on the range, only "Strong Side" hip holsters may be used.
  • Holster rules for scheduled competition or training events may vary.

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Juniors and Guests

  • Persons under the age of 18, or guests, shall not be allowed to use the range unless accompanied by an adult member.
  • Young children must be under close supervision at all times on the range.
  • It is the members' responsibility to explain and enforce the range safety rules for your guests. You are held responsible for the safety and conduct of anyone you bring to the range. A member must have special permission from an officer to have more than four (4) guests at any one time.

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  • Consuming alcohol or illegal drugs at the range.
  • Bringing a pet to the range.
  • Shooting a .50 BMG at the range
  • Hunting or harrassing wildlife on the range property.
  • Shooting is prohibited before sunrise and after sunset

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Range Security

  • Membership cards must be in your possesion and shown upon request.
  • Make sure the shed door and gate are locked when you leave.
  • Report any unsafe activity to a club officer.

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Multi-purpose Bays

  • Targets must be placed as close to the berm(s) as possible and below shoulder height.
  • All shooting must be done from completely inside the bay.
  • High power rifles may be shot in the bays.

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These rules maybe superseded during matches and training events under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor, range safety officer, or match director that has been approved by the Club's Executive Officers. Any such event will be posted on the Club calendar prior to the event. During such events always follow the rules or instructions either written or verbal, of the instructor, range safety officer, or match director and/or his/her appointed assistant(s). Failure to comply with any instruction of a instructor, range safety officer, or match director could result in immediate removal from the property and possibly be permanently prohibited from any Club property, or event.