We had a very successful highpower match Sunday, May 27th.  Considering it was both a holiday weekend and we expected above normal temperatures I was pleased with the turnout.  With conditions what they were, we elected to shoot 2 stages of (20) rounds for record slow fire prone.  Targets are scaled to simulate 600yd distance.


Scores break down as follows:


F-Class “Tactical”   (.223 or .308 Rifle, Optical Scope with Bipod Support)


Tina Peters                         Stage 1                 193-4X

                                                Stage 2                 195-4X


Matt Swackhamer           Stage 1                 190-3X

                                                Stage 2                 187-1X


Keith Peters                       Stage 1                 179-0X

                                                Stage 2                 181-4X




Service Rifle (AR-15 Rifle in Military Configuration)


Fred Brooks                        Stage 1                 160-2X

                                                Stage 2                 150-1X



NRA Match Rifle (AR-15 purpose built as target rifle)


Jerome Slusarski              Stage 1                 193-6X

                                                Stage 2                 182-4X


The next highpower match will be 24-June.  Details will follow in an e-mail reminder.


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