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One Box Practical Pistol Match “Skills n’ Drills”

April 6 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm


“If you don’t think you have time to aim you certainly don’t have time to miss!” — Dennis Tueller.

Registration opens on 2/17/24 on Practiscore.   https://practiscore.com/crc-skills-n-drills-practical-pistol-non-affiliated/register

Primarily this match is intended to test fundamental pistol skills.   Scoring will be heavily biased towards accuracy.  Scoring will be “time plus” system, i.e., the number of “points down” on the target(s) will be added to the time that the shooter needed to complete the stage.   Given the ongoing ammo shortages and cost, every effort will be made to minimize the round count to one box of ammo or less for the match.

Any semi-auto handgun or revolver in standard defensive calibers with 9mm/38 Special being the minimum legal caliber for scoring.   Even though each stage theoretically will require a low round count to complete, shooters employing low capacity handguns, such as single stack 1911’s, should have 3 magazines at the match in case those elusive “A” and “B” zone hits aren’t happening.   (The Casino Drill does require the use of 3 magazines to complete the drill, regardless of handgun.)

At the time of this writing, the match is tentatively planned to be 2-3 small stages (generally < 6 paper targets) with a standard handgun drill tacked on at the end of the match.  Standard handgun drills such as the El Presidente, F.A.S.T., Casino, BFM and others can be expected.

This match should present a chance to trial each shooter’s chosen handgun and concealment system for those who carry a handgun for defensive purposes  Hopefully any weaknesses as well as strengths  in equipment choice, ammo, skills and so on will be revealed.   Again, accuracy will be emphasized.  Sure, speed is important, but as the man said, “Only hits count.”

Shooters will not be required to shoot from concealment.  However, they certainly can wear cover garments if they wish.

Equipment requirements will not be very strict.  Most any holster will be allowed as long as it covers the trigger while the pistol is holstered.  The exceptions will be crossdraw, shoulder or any other holster that does not keep the muzzle oriented downwards.

“Race” holsters, “race” pistols and the like will be allowed but shooters are reminded that such equipment is not normally considered proper equipment for the concealed carry of handguns.

Among the skills that may be tested include, but are not limited to, shooting on the move, drawing the handgun, malfunction clearance, support hand/strong hand only, shooting with a handheld flashlight, reloads, shooting around cover, tabletop starts etc.

This target will be used (among others):  https://shootsteel.com/product/cardboard-training-targets-pack-of-50/

Scoring:  “A” zone = down 0 points.  “B” zone = down 2 points.  “C” zone = down 6 points.   “D” zone = down 10 points.  A minimum of 2 hits per target will be required unless the shooter hits the “A” zone.  Complete misses = 20 points down.  At least one hit must be in either the “A” or the “B” zone otherwise the target will be considered “not neutralized” which will be assessed an additional 20 points down.  Shooters will be allowed to shoot as many or as few rounds as they desire.   Note:  only 1 “A” zone hit will be required to “neutralize” any target and no more shots will be required.  (unless the shooter desires to lob more rounds downrange)  Any hit which touches a scoring ring will be counted as the next higher score.

For example, shooter Joe Geezer engages a target and his first two hits are in the “C” zone.  If he stops there, the target will not be considered “neutralized” and his score will be penalized accordingly.   Joe can always opt to shoot until a “B” or an “A” hit occurs.   Anytime an “A” zone hit occurs, the target is “neutralized” with that one “A” hit.  No penalties will be assessed, regardless of other hits on the target.  A “B” zone hit will “neutralize” the target but the -2 point (+ 2 seconds) penalty will still be assessed.

Target distances may be as far as 25 yards but most will be within 10 yards and some inside 5 yards.  Shooters should note as well that there will be no “walk throughs” for the stages prior to shooting the stage for any shooter.

This match will take place in one bay only.   The rest of the range will remain open for other shooting activities.

$5 entry fee.  Two divisions, revolver and semi-auto.    There will be a “Senior” (65 y/o or older) category simply because the MD for this match qualifies as a senior.

I am considering occasionally running this match on weekdays, during the day.   If you think you would be interested in weekday matches, please contact me.

Contact: Tim Matthews Cell: 402 920 2154  email: netim1187@gmail.com Start time: TBD  2024 match dates: TBD


April 6
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
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Clark Memorial Range
23584 83rd St
Columbus, NE 68601 United States
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Tim Matthews
402 920 2154