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NRL 22 Match

April 1, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 1:30 pm


NRL22 Matches, April 1, 2023  and June 3, 2023

Match Times and General Information

8:00     Setup followed by sighting in of rifles on course of fire targets

8:45     Sign-In, Safety Briefing and Squadding

9:00     Start of Match

12:00    Projected time of completion followed by cleanup

Cost     $5

Match Director;    Andrew Malcolm, 402-649-4546, amalcolm@neb.rr.com


Round Count

120 rounds for record plus practice rounds


All rifles must be chambered in 22 LR only.  Both bolt action and semi-automatic rifles are allowed.  Both Open class rifles and Base class rifles will be allowed.  The classes are defined on the NRl22 website.  The use of an ECI is required between stages.

Courses of Fire

The match on April 2 will be based on the NRL22 2023 January course of fire.  The June match will be based on the May 2023 course of fire.  You can study the courses of fire by going to NRL22 on the internet and downloading the course of fire.  We will follow these courses of fire as closely as is possible given our range limitations.  There will be five stages with 10 to 12 rounds each. Bring two magazines for the 12 round stages.


  1. All stages will start from a standing position with all gear in hand, magazine in and action open.  
  2. Most stages will be shot from a support side position but not all will be.  
  3. Each stage is limited to one piece of equipment in accordance with NRL22 rules.  An attached front bipod is considered to be part of your rifle and maybe used on most stages.
  4. The time limit for each course of fire is 120 seconds.

Stage Props

If you have a shooting mat, please bring it to the match as you will need it for the prone stages.  The club will provide the stage props.


(Target sizes may be increased due to limitations on club target inventory, but the distances will not be changed from the stated course of fire.)


Safety Rules

  1. Point rifles in a safe direction at all times.
  2. All rifles must be unloaded until a shooter is told to load and make ready by the Stage RO.  Magazines must be out and actions open.  An ECI must be in the rifle between stages.
  3. Keep fingers off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  4. Make sure you are lined up with the target and the “Safety Plate”.  We use a steel “Safety Plate” behind the targets to prevent rounds from leaving our range.
  5. Eye and hearing protection are the shooters responsibility.
  6. All basic CRC Range Rules are to be followed.
  7. All rifles must be “Grounded” in between stage use.
  8. Movement during a stage must be done with an open action and empty chamber with your finger off the trigger.  In the case of a semi-automatic rifle, the shooter must engage the safety and yell “safe” prior to moving so the RO can hear.
  9. The 180-degree rule will be followed.
  10. Violations of safety rules may result in disqualification from the match.


Basic Match Concept

The basic idea of a NRL22 match is to provide shooters with a challenging course of fire that requires you to make shots on targets at different distances within a short time frame.  Shooters must have a basic knowledge of where their rifle/ammunition combination “hits” at the required distances.  The sight-in period will be quite short, so show up having already practiced with your rifle and ammo before you get to the match.  Practicing beforehand and getting ready is half the fun of shooting in this type of match.  You have the distances and the target sizes, come prepared.  Please understand no one will shoot a perfect 50/50.


Extra stuff you may want to bring.

Binoculars or a spotting scope may be helpful is spotting hits on the smallest targets.  Each participant is expected to help with setup, scoring and cleanup.  You may also want to bring extra mags for your rifle, water, snacks and something to write scores with.


Note:  Shooters who have difficulty in shooting from the prone position may choose to follow the OG course of fire. 



April 1, 2023
8:00 am - 1:30 pm
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Andrew Malcolm


Clark Memorial Range
41.49686691300411, -97.42639089114775
Columbus, NE 68601 United States
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