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Handgun Silhouette

April 16, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Place:  Columbus Rifle Club Clark Memorial Range; Columbus, NE

Date:   April 16

Time:  Please arrive by 8:00 for setup and registration.  Shooting begins at 9:00 AM.

Match Fee:  $5.00

Firearms:  Any centerfire handgun with any sights.

Ammunition:  Any straight-wall or bottleneck centerfire cartridge.  .38 Special wadcutter loads are marginal on the 25 yd. chickens, so more power will be needed for your hits to be effective through the entire course.  If you’re using a high-power bottleneck cartridge in an XP or TC, please reduce your loads to prevent target damage.

Targets:  ½ scale chicken, pig, turkey, and ram IHMSA regulation silhouettes constructed of AR500 steel, 3/8” thick.  The targets are advertised as withstanding all pistol loads.  The silhouettes will be painted either flat black or white, depending on range conditions.

Shooting Classes:  Freestyle:  Any safe shooting position without artificial support.  The handgun will not touch the shooting mat or ground, but can come in contact with the shooter’s clothing or body.  One or both hand may be used.

Standing:  Any safe shooting position with the handgun supported by only one or both hands.  No part of one or both hands supporting the handgun may come in contact with any other part of the competitor’s clothing or anatomy (except the other hand).  No part of either arm, from the shoulder to the wrist, is allowed to come into contact with any other part of the competitor’s anatomy, or be artificially supported in any way.

Hunter:  Any safe shooting position which includes a rest such as sticks, bipod, sandbags, etc.  A stool, chair, or bench may be used to simulate shooting from a blind.


Course of Fire:  25 yds:  2 strings of 5 rds fired at ½ scale chickens, 2 min. time limit.

50 yds:  2 strings of 5 rds fired at the pigs, 2 min. time limit.

75 yds:  2 strings of 5 rds fired at the turkeys, 2 min. time limit.

100 yds:  2 strings of 5 rds fired at the rams, 2 min. time limit.

A 1 min. sighting period will be offered only at the 75 yd. turkeys and 100 yd. rams.  Silhouettes will be shot in order from left to right.  After each string the line will be made safe and empty chamber indicators inserted, before the fallen silhouettes are returned to the stands by spotter/score keeper.  Note:  The course of fire may be altered due to ammo availability. 

Scoring:  Only targets knocked off the stand will be counted as hits.  Silhouettes will be shot in order from left to right, silhouettes shot out of sequence or ricochet hits will be counted as a miss.  The scorecard will be marked with an “X” for a hit, “0” for a miss.  A ricochet hit which knocks down the properly sequenced target will be scored as a hit.

Spotter/Score Keeper:  Shooters are allowed to have a spotter/score keeper to spot the shots and keep score.  At the longer ranges, it’s possible to watch the bullet go downrange with a scope; this is where the spotter can be a big help.

Ties:  Ties will be broken by the highest ram count.

Equipment to Bring:  Spotting scope, ground cover or mat, empty chamber indicator (required), pen, anything else needed for an enjoyable day at the range.


Due to the space needed, the match will be shot in front of the 200 yd. backstop, the shooters will move back for each stage.


Tom Bryan



April 16, 2023
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Tom Bryan
(402) 276-2722


Clark Memorial Range
41.49686691300411, -97.42639089114775
Columbus, NE 68601 United States
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