Hunter Safety
& Sight-In

CRC sponsors and hosts local Hunter Safety and Hunter Sight-Ins.

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Club History

Our organization in Columbus, Nebraska was established in 1930 as a private club dedicated to shooting sports. The club sponsors and host numerous shooting and training events each year at our beautiful and private 200-yard facility located North of Columbus, NE along the banks of the historic Loup Canal. Use of the facilities is restricted to members in good standing and their supervised guests. Non-members are invited to participate in any of our published matches and other events which can be viewed on our calendar.

Subject To Change

Range Rules

All guests must be supervised by a member in good standing, and anyone who visits the range must follow all posted Range Rules as well as any and all issued verbal commands and instructions. Additionally, all guests must sign a liability waiver and release each time they visit the Clark Memorial Range. Each waiver must be countersigned by a Club Member in good standing and filed in the Waiver Box before using the facilities.

Juniors and Guests

  1. CRC members will ensure that all guests fill out a Liability Waiver Form prior to using the range.
  2. Every guest is required to complete, sign, date and return a Columbus Rifle Club Guest Waiver Form each time they visit the range. Place the completed forms in the red box located at the Range Safety Board.
  3. Persons under the age of 18, or guests, shall not be allowed to use the range unless accompanied by an adult member.
  4. Young children must be under close supervision at all times on the range.
  5. It is the members’ responsibility to explain and enforce the range safety rules for your guests. You are held responsible for the safety and conduct of anyone you bring to the range.
  6. A member must be in the immediate area of a guest or youth shooting at the range.
  7. A member must have special permission from an officer to have more than
    four (4) guests at any one time.


  1. If others are present on the range, only “Strong Side” hip holsters may be used.
  2. Holster rules for scheduled competition or training events may vary.

Range Security

  1. Membership cards must be in your possession and shown upon request.
  2. Make sure the target shed door and gate are locked and the red safety lights are turned off when you leave.
  3. Report any unsafe activity to a club officer.


  1. Consuming alcohol or illegal drugs at the range.
  2. Bringing a pet to the range.
  3. Shooting a 50 BMG at the range.
  4. Hunting or harassing wildlife on range property.
  5. Shooting before sunrise or after sunset.

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Upcoming Events

We host a variety of events—check back often to stay updated.



treat every firearm as if it were loaded


keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot


be sure of your target and what’s behind it


allow the muzzle of the firearm to cover anything you’re not willing to destroy